Can cloud-based phones really cut your bills by over 50%?

One of our retail partners asked us to prove the savings. So we reviewed our customers’ old phone bills to see how much they saved. And we built a savings calculator so you can see for yourself.

For years, we’ve been saying that our cloud-based voice services, or Cloud PBX, can save businesses up to 50 percent on their phone costs.

Recently, one of our retail partners challenged us to prove it.

So we did.

We took a sampling of 19 small business “pre-customers” that had received firm price quotes for our Cloud PBX service as of December 2014. These businesses were considering replacing their phone systems. We asked them for copies of their monthly bills from their current phone services providers, and compared what we found there to our Cloud PBX pricing.

Our study compared bills from companies that include:
Business phone service providers

AT&T • CenturyLink • YipTel
Integra • Verizon • Charter

Business phone systems

Alcatel-Lucent • Allworx
Panasonic • Samsung

For the 19 customers, we averaged out the monthly service costs for the following:

  • Fee per line
  • Local calling fees per line
  • Long distance fees per line
  • Carrier fees per line (not including local, state and federal charges that Intermedia and all carriers collect)


In addition, we averaged the upfront costs of an on-premises PBX phone system, plus the deskphones themselves. “We focused on systems that support up to 15 lines.

Here’s what we found.

Compare Service Costs
Competitors’ average cost
Intermedia’s cost
Service costs

Per month, per line,
including fees



Compare Hardware Costs
Competitors’ average cost
Intermedia’s cost
Hardware costs

PBX system and
deskphones, 5-10 lines

$3,500 - 4,000



By reducing your business phone services bills, your savings quickly add up over time—nearly 53% off your phone costs on average.

But when you choose Intermedia, you also save on day one. That’s because there’s no PBX hardware to buy. And with our free deskphone promotion, you can even get your phones for free, too.

How did we arrive at these numbers?
Get the full story in our Cloud PBX
cost-savings white paper.

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How you save over 50% with cloud-based phones.


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