What’s the biggest detriment to your organization’s data?

It’s not what you think.

Everybody knows about the threat that hackers present to your data. But it’s your employees that present the bigger risk by unknowingly granting hackers access to your organization. In Intermedia’s 2017 Data Vulnerability Report, we surveyed 1,000+ full-time office workers at companies of all sizes to find out how workplace behaviors are impacting data security.

The reality is office workers are lax on adhering to security best practices, and it’s having financial ramifications on organizations of all sizes.


While 70% of employees say that their company provides regular cyber security risk training, the reality is office workers are lax at adhering to security best practices. Education efforts don’t extend far enough. The number of phishing scams is higher than ever, and office workers aren’t being properly trained to circumvent this exponential risk. As a result, a false sense of employee confidence is having financial ramifications on organizations of all sizes.


We’ll be releasing findings as part of an ongoing three-part series, looking at the impact and outcome these habits have regarding email breaches and threats, ransomware, and data loss, and what you should do about it.

Email Breaches and Threats
Vulnerability and Victims
Research reveals a false sense of confidence among
office workers with phishing scams still on the rise
Phishing, It's Not Just for
Entry-Level Employees
While the number of attacks has dramatically increased in the past two years, employee training has not
What companies deem to be “regular” communication


Now what should you do?

As phishing evolves, we can expect office workers to continue falling victim to these scams, exposing their organizations’ data to hackers and cybercriminals. To that end, companies need to ensure their education efforts include quarterly interactive trainings in tandem with layered security solutions. Ensuring employees, customers, and partners alike are familiar with the changing threat landscape will help mitigate the false sense of confidence that office workers have around detecting phishing scams and other cyberattacks.

Check out these resources below for further information on preventing phishing attacks, and to sign up to receive Parts 2 and 3.

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